ROVI Dashcam to protect your family

ROVI Dashcam to protect yourself

ROVI Dashcam for the surprises

ROVI Dashcam so there are no surprises

ROVI Dashcam for what you've seen

ROVI Dashcam for you to be seen

ROVI Dashcam for them

ROVI Dashcam for you

For wherever you roam, ROVI.

From everyday to extraordinary, ROVI ensures you capture it all,
no matter where your journey takes you.

ROVI is your on-board witness.

Have the strongest proof for your case, as your ROVI Dashcam is always recording to document who's at fault.

ROVI is your backseat monitor.

Having a secondary camera pointed towards your occupants can let you keep an eye on your children, or let you recreate what happened during that ridesharing incident.

ROVI is your latest technology

In addition to wirelessly connecting to your smart device to download and view recordings, PRIME models allow you to stream LIVE to your Facebook account.


    By wirelessly connecting the ROVI Dashcam to your smart device. Enable friends to watch, like, and comment in real time!

    (on select models)


    Your ROVI Dashcam recordings to your smart device. Replay the clips on the much larger screen.

    (on select models)


    The settings on your ROVI Dashcam directly on your smart device. Setting up a dashcam has never been so straight forward.

    (on select models)

From basic, to specific, to the latest innovations, ROVI has your camera.

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